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Don’t you love giving homemade presents for Christmas? And when you get that homemade gift from your neighbor on December 1, do you commit to yourself that “This will be the year you give all your neighbors homemade gifts or at least your family”?


Then, Dec 24 rolls around and you’re standing in line at the convenience store because that’s the only place still open! Hopefully, you’ve never gotten that desperate, but one year I did have a colleague fill her children’s stockings with whatever she could find from the local gas station because she had waited so long to go shopping. (Yes, it was a SHE – my eyes rolled so hard they almost bounced!)

Get Started Early!

This year, be ready for that neighbor; maybe even be the one handing out gifts on December 1! How you ask? What a wise question! With Christmas in July of course!


Check out this deluge of classes! We have a class on practically every day. We even repeat most of them so if you can’t make it to one hopefully you can make it to the other. There are classes for big projects and small projects. There are projects for great neighbor gifts and great projects for family gifts.


Come join us to think cooling thoughts in the heat of July about how warm your December will be with no stress and lots of homemade gifts!
Service Project

What would Christmas be without the opportunity to help those around us? Not too far from us is a woman’s shelter. Sadly, one of side effects of COVID has been an increase in abuse. The shelter is almost always full of women with their children who ran when they had the opportunity. Often they leave with just the clothes on their back. To help them through this challenging time we have two projects we’d like to make and we need your help!

We are accepting Donations at the store of New Children's Books and Travel Size Toiletries


Project 1: Reading pillow - With Donated New Book

We have kits to make 12” pillows with a pocket for a book. We’re donating the fabric and the pillow form. We need you to sew the pillows and to provide new (not used) children’s books.


Project 2: Cosmetic bag  - With Travel Size Toiletries

We have a kit and a pattern for a zippered cosmetic bag. We need you to sew the bags together and to provide travel size toiletries like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and deodorant.

Reading Pillows

Zippered Cosmetic