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Long Arm Quilting Services
We are on the move and our long arms are tucked away in storage, so unfortunately we are temporarily down, but will be accepting new quilts as soon as our new location opens.  Watch for news!

At Jewel's Fabric Stash, we offer edge to edge long arm quilting.  We want your finished quilt to reflect the care and detail you put into the piecing, so we will sit down with you each time to find out your desires for your quilt.  Our staff can give you suggestions about design, thread, and density. Our turnaround time is 2-3 weeks so you can get that quilt off to its final destination, be that family, friend, or your own bed.


How to Prepare Your Quilt

Pressing: Pressing your quilt is very important. Press all seams flat. If your seams are not laying down, it can cause the hopping foot to push the fabric and create uneven quilting.

Loose Threads:Please clip and remove any loose threads on front and check for loose seams. Loose seams can be caught on the machine while quilting. Remove threads from the back only if they contrast against a light color. 

Prepping: Please include squaring borders.  A little reminder to measure the quilt from the center vertically and horizontally to get your borders square.  Flaring can occur and we may not be able to prevent puckering or pulling out of square to finish the quilt.

Edges: Please make sure all four sides of your backing have straight edges. If your outer edge has a lot of small pieces you can run a straight or a zigzag stitch on the outer edge. It helps to keep them from stretching.

Adding Extra: Be sure to add 8″ to both the width and length of your back. This gives us room to mount your quilt and an area for the clamps to hold up the edges.

Selvages: Using the selvage edge in your quilt back or top will cause a tightness that has no give. Always avoid using the selvage.

Each piece: We need top, batting and backing separate for mounting onto the machines – basting is NOT necessary and must be removed before quilting.  Please don't pin or baste the layers together.


General Information

Consultations are free and give us an opportunity to identify the pattern and thread you want to use.

T-shirt, denim, or other specialty fabrics are accepted on an individual basis

Backing: With backing fabric, we require a minimum of four inches extra on all sides due to our loading style. This means your backing must measure at least eight inches wider and eight inches longer than your quilt top. I.E. if your top is 50″ x 70″, then your backing needs to be 58″ x 76″ before we can work with it.

Patterns: We use a Gammill machine equipped with Computerized Statler Stitchers. We have more than 200 pattern designs to choose from, and your pattern selection is included in the cost.

Thread: We use high quality quilting thread. Threads can include polyester for high use quilts or wall hangings. The thread is included in the price.

Additional charges may apply for the following:

  • If the top or back needs excessive pressing. 
  • For non-standard prep work (sewing leaders, rounded or odd shaped edges, mending, seam work, etc.). 
  • Using multiple thread colors.
  • Rush Jobs.

 Prices are current as of January 2019 and are subject to change.



There is a $30 minimum charge for all projects.

You provide the fabric for the binding and the following charges apply.

  • Cut, press, sew onto quilt/ Just sew onto quilt $.15 linear inch
  • Cut, press, sew and machine finish (2.5 in strips) $.20 linear inch
  • Cut, press, sew and hand finish (2.25 in strips) $.25 linear inch

Quilting: We use 80/20 batting and it is included in price of quilting. Bamboo batting available for $17 yd.     Quilting is charged starting at $.02 per square inch.  The final price is determined during the consultation phase of the project.  To give you an idea of cost, below are estimates based on standard sizes.

Crib 45×60"                        $54
Twin 72×90"                       $130
Double (or Full) 81×96"         $156
Queen 90×108"                   $195
King 110×110"                     $242